what the head thinks, the hand puts down

let’s meet

Lets meet; then sit
And talk; then walk
then agree; and dis agree
Your the man; am the woman
Opposites attract; Hormones react
You miss a step; am there to help
You fall in my palms; I lead you into my arms
Whisper sweet nothings; Giving your lips bitings
Nibbling your ear; Hoping you can hear
am born to lie


I am staring at that pretty face
trying to regulate my pace
breathless; clueless
give me; hit me
i want more; you want to go
am lying down whining; you are looking away smiling
You are hiding; am peeping

Now my food has gone cold
Why did I even warm it all?
You are lying naked; Am exhausted
memories flash
its all complicated but simple; like that cute dimple
you are dressing up: am cleaning up

I look up at you: and fall back into the sack
praying the sex will haunt you; and bring you back

Its not over yet
there is always another day, another time
When you think its over and stop,
I will roll over and we begin from the top


February 22, 2011 - Posted by | poem, Uncategorized

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