what the head thinks, the hand puts down

how long?

Some months back, I recall trooping into a vehicle and heading down to Kerugoya. Not for a road trip, but to bury a close ally. She had left us as they put it. The cause: HIV. Now, this is not something people say out loud. They are scared to, think of it as a curse. I have to admit, it is scary but its amongst us. Literally lives with us.

Let me spin a little tale. Now, this woman, my friend, was a single mom. Four kids from four different fathers. I kinda saw the disease taking toll on her. From the TB to the herpes and skin lesions. I knew she wouldn’t last long. And she didn’t.  let’s call her Leah

During a bar run with other friends we sit and reminisce Leah. Her days, her life. You know, the usual thing friends do. That’s when the list came out. Slowly names were being dropped and now the puzzle came together.

I will backtrack a bit. When Leah was hospitalized and it was evident what was ailing her, very few people went to see her in hospital. The funeral was no different either. Not everyone showed up.

Back to the bar – so names were dropped.. she had shared a bed, a ditch, a loo.. etc with many a man. See, Leah used to love the bottle. Tusker Malt was her drink of choice. Though once she became slightly inebriated, morals were thrown out. Loose is the term, or should I say seriously horny. At a point, she would have three guys all over her; fingers, penises… name it. i think you can figure out where they all fit . women have many holes. More than meets the eye. This is how she popped all those kids. bastards.

Going through that list made me choke and send tears to my eyes. I knew almost all. The circle of swapping body fluids was huuuge. Now, I cannot be a judge. I really don’t know who used protection or not so I could only hope none of them went at it raw.

The day ended.

3 months down the line. Two of those people in the circle are on ARV’s. How long before I pour soil on another grave????


February 22, 2011 - Posted by | men, women

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