what the head thinks, the hand puts down

Dear Beau,

Dear beau,

I’m not really good at this but I’ll try my best.  I just wanted to tell you something. Always have but I never got round to it. Couldn’t get myself to say, baby we need to talk.

I was walking around minding my own business, trying to grasp why I was still breathing. I would stop and pinch myself a bit. That’s when I had a little collision. I met him. He spoke, I spoke. He kissed I kissed back. It all happened so fast, but shit it was good. I wanted more but I kept on thinking if I go back, I might lose my birthright, citizenship or something. Don’t laugh, shit like that actually happens. But I tell you, that little place he took me to I cannot forget. Keeps on haunting me. He is just the perfect person. He holds my hand, gets me so scared when he talks feelings and fuck, I love it. The way his actions or words play musical chairs with my emotions. I’m slowly becoming an addict. I’m getting addicted to the very being that is you, my dear. He is you.

I mess around a lot. Always stepping on your toes. My bad. I want to do a whole lot for you but shit I’m not going to climb a mountain or cross a river. Have you looked at those things? Real scary. Neither will I cry for you, emotions are for the faint hearted. Hit the roof? Naah, I’ll pass and maybe try hit a nail. You may call, I will not pick up. You may text and it goes unreplied. But that is all me. Well, the bad part. Don’t take anything I say personally. I talk a whole lot of shit. At times I wonder if I ever took a crap when I was a kid. I’ll ask mum when I see her. That’s the ugly side. And it does not matter much. All that matters is I don’t want you to leave. You make me curl up at night and think about you. (Don’t tell anyone that. I will deny)  And trust me, that counts for a whole lot. I’m here to stay and I want you to stay with me.

Your heart mate,



January 20, 2011 - Posted by | men

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