what the head thinks, the hand puts down

letter to my 13 year old self

hey pretty,

i see you’ve taken out the mirror. right now you may not be as pretty as you would like to just like the rest of the girls, June and all. Relax and take a breather. all that is about to change, God works wonders. yes, in a year or so, you will be the envy of many girls.

I know school means nothing to you and will never make sense. so you do not bother to read. good thing you are a genius. you will ace KCPE, KCSE and even get an honors in university. go girl!! you are about to go yet into another catholic institution where you will spend on average one and half years doing punishments.you are a strong girl, so slashing grass will not be too hard a task.

right now, you are shy, but its about to change. your true arrogant, rebellious self is about to come out. yes, you will defy everyone and insult them when they try and correct you. you and mum won’t get along for a while but you will find out she is all you have and will be running to her for anything including your fears.

you like Vincent but he is too old. 5 yrs difference, whoa!, well..spend time with him. he will teach you stuff that will form part of the pillars of your life and he will die soon leaving you with a pain you will never forget.

as we are on men, they will always be there. they will bring you such happiness and still make you cry rivers. as i said, you will become a pretty young lass. they will chase you around, fight for you, cry for you 🙂 give you headaches. arrrghh you will have almost anyone you want. so, don’t worry, take your time.

always trust your instinct. from where i am right now, the first choice was always the best. anything after that was a regret. as you grow older you will go through quite a number of blows from life. they will always seem heavier than the last. take heart though, all this will build you into a stronger character and will help you shape your life.

lastly, never let go of God. make sure you talk to Him if possible everyday.There will come a thousand times when He is all you have. even if it is just to say hi to Him make sure you do it. He will be your knight in shining armour without fail.

I am about to leave work right now. Can’t wait to get home and try out the new top mum sent me. then give her a call and discuss the jewellery that can go with it.

run along now and look for Vinny you have a one-on- one on the makeshift basketball court. you will need those skills as an excuse to hang out with a guy who is going to make you go insane.

love you. though i don’t believe in love



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