what the head thinks, the hand puts down


woah!  its been ages since i was last here. anyway, something happened to me recently. its the third time it did. let me break it down:


I met him at a local club. good frind of mine. known him for years. the chicken and ugali were awesome so was the wine we were taking. conversation was great, the liveband in the back was good. overall it was a great night. so the wine went down well. Bottle 1, bottle 2 and finally at bottle 3, yours truly was at the dance floor dancing to the serious mugithi.

a change in location was suggested and i said yes. off we drove to Carnivore. i have no idea what was happening but it was fully packed. i said hi to the DJ and ordered a glass of red wine. i don’t mix drinks. before i was through, we had to leave.

that was the last thing i remember.

i woke up with a mega hangover. not the usual one, this one was THE ONE. walked to the bathroom to wash my face. then it hit me, i was in diferent clothes. a skirt??? last i recall i was in a trouser.

i walk back to the room and look around. true, there is my trouser and jacket, and wait is that my thong underwear? oook. i look around and spot a sock. wait.. that is not mine. when did it get there??

ohh shit!! this means he must have come over and why did he feel the need to remove his socks?? panic!!! i grab my bag and go through it… shit! reciepts from clubs all the way in Hurlingham and westlands… and one small one isseued at 3.15am.. condoms. Faint. i go through the bag, where the hell is the pack??? through the bin, nothing there… threw out all the covers, nothing there… WTF HAPPENED??? hangover is now gone.

instinctively, i pick up my phone and call him… one ring, two… am cut off. he has declined the call… arrrghhh!!!

ok.. i pack my bag and head out to the stage.. get a ticket and am on my way to Naivasha. near the lake. no need for a tent. just me, beer and the dark. then it hits me. if anything would have happened, i would have felt it in the morning. drunk guys can not be that gentle…. am such an idiot.


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