what the head thinks, the hand puts down



this was just recently. we leave work. me and two colleagues. both male. they are meeting a client so they drag me along. traffic is maaad. but we make it at around 7. walk into a locals, order meat and drinks.

me one guy are taking Viceroy. the chaser; Alvaro. its a sweet concotion. lovely. 500ml goes down. that was nice. the meat is here. yuk! i hate roast meat. but there is also chicken and the kachumbari is awesome …. i have to fill my tummy because i have pet worms who can bitch really well.

there is no music here. place is fucking quiet. probaably only the news can be heard from th 14″ screen at the corner.

we are discussing farming. good topic. i want to be a farmer when i grow up. from how to plough, ferilising, planting… the full Tomato farming 101.

second 500ml is here. niiice. am full… so lets do this.. we sip, and talk… i need a smoke. Fuck! the “client” hates smokers so i have to go without… lets go on..

i wake up. argghh!!! not again. am NAKED!!! mummyyyyyyy!!!!

i look around. its my bed, my stuff. Shit!! its 6am. again! i need to get to work. i step out. look around. my clothes are in a corner. a tidy bunch. i look through. what?? muddy as hell. i think i did a mud bath in them. BUT, i have no mud on me. i go to the shower…. still wet. someone showered not too long ago. again, my door is  open….

i have all my stuff… no funny reciepts anywhere. i am clean. no injuries whatsoever… Thank you God.

how did I get home? where and when did i have a lively conversation with mud??  no one knows….

my friends say I was alert, no staggering or anything. maybe thats what happened the previous times… my autopilot must be on point.

and hence i conclude..


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