what the head thinks, the hand puts down


the second time i blacked out:

it was a bad day at work.. loong, boring full of shit. so at 1707 hrs exactly, I walk into a bar. its 5 min from the office. rather convenient. a cold sweaty whitecapp and a game of pool. a couple of smokes and i relax… ahhh. this is better. three more bottles as i wait for traffic to easen up. one tequila, two tequila, three tequila… am out. its time to go home.

at the stage, i meet him. a little short but quite talkative. intelligent conversation. we board a mat, he pays the fare.. ( i wonder if he noticed am slurring) anyway, he is a stranger so i don’t give a rats arse. we get to town, alight at Times Tower because of the traffic galore and walk. he suggests due to traffic lets go drink one as we wait. am easy. so we go uptown. how did i walk in those heels??? God knows. the club is quiet, service is slow but ok. one whitecap, two white cap, one tequila, two tequila…..

i open my eyes. its groggy. i look around, i am in the house..OUCH!! my head hurts..familiarity tells me I am in my house.

shit!! i have to go to the office. what time is it?? 6am..phew!! i look around. OMG! am naked head to toe. where the hell are my clothes??? sweep through the room with a glance, one shoe… skirt… shirt…. i get up and stagger onward… crap!! the door is open. i peep outside.. there is the other shoe. i close the door and stagger back to bed, i need to relax and think. what happened???

what was his name?  where did he go?? what did we do??? how did i get home??? …………… these are questions i still ask myself til today.


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