what the head thinks, the hand puts down


Now, I think its given I HATE technology. Ever since things started evolving. First there were the kitchen appliances which seem to have no end. Then the trend just continued and spread all round.

But my biggest loathe is computers and IT. I look at these machines and usually look for a way out. Isn’t there any other way things can be done?? The worst thing is, I just have to live with them. I cannot escape  or at least ignore them. So am stuck. I can recall I dropped the subject in my second week of class when I was I high school. I couldn’t get the jist of words like software, motherboard, hardware… etc then I finished school and had to get a certificate. I am proud to say I finally got my ICDL after 3 years of hard work and dedication. Can you believe I failed the test on Microsoft word and had to resit? Tihihihi… I just don’t get these things. And with them becoming more complicated by the day, I am getting more lost. I actually just know how to switch on, restart and if the thing doesn’t work I pull the plug. If it doesn’t come on again, I call IT. No wonder the woman hates me cos honestly at times I try……..

Then there are these things called phones. They are getting bigger and have more stuff. I had to share this with you. So the other day am in a mat with my pal and we needed to talk. Now, the woman seated in front of us was his mums pal. We wanted to talk “serious” stuff and the only way was to use the message front. So we agreed he would write I reply. Cool? NO. There is a problem for me. See, the guy owns an iphone and honestly those are things I just like to look at and say woooooww!! So he writes and passes it to me. I read. Look at the keypad, first he left it on the number pad and I don’t know how to switch to letters. It went well for like two questions, cos I would nod or shrug. Then, I had to actually reply one. (PAUSE: I have to stop and laugh at myself.) Ok. I have NO clue how to use a touch pad. Every time I touched, a different letter came up. WTH??? And they are meant to be the in-thing??? Thank God the guy is down to earth. He understood and reverted to “let’s sit and wait to reach the stage” then we talk. Am still embarrassed till today. But on the brighter side, if he were my hubby, he should be excited. There is no way I can ever go through his phone!!!!!


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