what the head thinks, the hand puts down


Its one of those days when I want to make a decision. Something life changing or close to that. Something different and exciting. So during a junk food session with a few peoples I got a few ideas. Let’s see if I remember…..

Lady X has decided. She doesn’t want to date black men anymore. White will do just fine. And from her research, keep off Italians; they will stick their diks up your arse. … Ouch!!! If I wanted a stick up my arse, I would have been born male and totally gay. So no thanks. That shit is just sick.

Lady Y wants kids. You know, 3 pounds of pink flesh with a mouth. Those things just dent your account. And once one pops in you can kiss bye that trip to Honolulu. Or maybe in my case, to Kisii.

And so on… the peoples had a whole lot to say but it was all dull and cliché. Quit alcohol, smoking, clubbing…. Et all. Don’t all these maafakers I know have a brain?
But she opened her mouth and said aloud. “I am going to screw all the men I want to and feel like.”
First I went like huh???
Then I went into my cocoon and looked at it from degree 33 north. It’s an interesting angle to view stuff.
See, I know for a fact that women think more about sex than men. It sounds odd I know, but it’s true. Reason why you all don’t know this is that we know how to keep our traps shut. Ok, maybe we don’t but that’s waay after we are through with the idiot and all he got was a moan “ baby am coming” which is the universal code for “ you suck asshole, just finish the fuck up and get out of me” that has to be reported to the girls.
We look at a man and see him naked. Almost all the time. Yeah, I know quite a number of guys who according to me have never worn clothes. They always nude. I look at them and all I see is a very beautiful birthday suit…. Like Orlando bloom for instance. Isn’t that guy just HOT?? I mean he drips drops of sex. I just want to sit and drool at him, not sleep with him because I fear what I could do and so far there is no Nairobi Men’s hospital to take care of the aftermath.
But I digress… back to thinking; If I ever got to sleep with all the men I want to, right now I’d be well over 100. think about it, one guy every week makes it 52 in a whole year. So for two years, am at 104. And imagine, that’s just once a week. And we all know that can be tricky. Looking at the stats, I can like up to 2 guys in a night. Let’s say I go out twice a week. That’s 4 guys. If I sleep with them, that’s 4 in a week. So in a month roughly 16. In a year about 208…hmmm or rather wow!!! And anyway that will give them a better place to place their cocks in instead of a poor goat or chicken. sick bastards.
Its cool right, so long as I keep the figures to myself. Who will know? And if anyone has a big mouth because we all know men kiss and tell, there is always the rule… DENY, DENY and DENY or, plead the 4th and go mum, or just say it, what the hell. There is nothing they can do about it.

Back to logic. Reason why most of women cannot make this dream a reality is because we fear society. We have been made pussies literally. We fear being called names in public like whore, or loose or easy. We believe the myth that says our holes will grow bigger the more we sleep around. That is such a fallacy. The whole thing is muscle baby, or if you are scared about it, then do the kegels bitch. And don’t try lemons, that only makes matters worse.
Therefore looking at my friend who now is brave enough to go after her dreams, I was a little inclined. Should I follow her path?? Probably will, but not now. Not until I grow some hairy balls and accept those figures above.


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