what the head thinks, the hand puts down


Its day 5 in the year and things are already looking up. Fro some reason am in a reaaallly really good mood today.
Anything you do will not be held against you. I think I might just be getting what I have wanted for sooo long. If I can figure out what that is. I have a feeling that I have wanted this for long and I have found it but I have no idea what it is. Anyway, I will figure that out later.

So today am feeling random. My thoughts cannot be contained. I have the attention span of a 7 year old and memory of 5 combined goldfish. (That’s ok isn’t it? I mean not up to par, but still fair enough)

As much as I would like to contain it, I can’t help but I have a fetish for butts. Yes, men’s behinds. I like them small and tight. By small I don’t mean non-existent. It has to be visible, and tight. I want to grab a cupper, spank it a little and feel it next to me in bed. Meaning, honey I will be spooning you the whole night. Ahhh yes

I have a question. How does someone get to be cold? Aren’t we all warm blooded creatures with hot blood running through our veins? So I have been told severally am cold. And I ask how?? It doesn’t make sense to me. I touch myself and I feel warm. Arrgh! Whatever!!! they can go suck on a doorknob if am not warm enough for them

Then I have no clue what seen happening of late. To be precise, it’s been 11 days and 13 hrs since I last had a decent meal and good sleep. I try to eat, I know it’s healthy but the food just won’t go down. It looks totally disgusting. I don’t get hungry at all. I can totally survive on liquids. Then, I enter bed and my eyes just won’t close. They call it insomnia. I just lie and stare at the ceiling doing nothing. Do you know just how dangerous that is? Our mind I filled with so many thoughts and stuff you can do. And most of it is not normal, because hey, for one you are all alone and in the dark, in a safe place so the world is yours.. 

Oh yeah.. I have just thought of quite a number of things to put on my bucket list for 2010. I’m loving them and it seems this year is going to be pretty exciting… I will mention them after they are crossed out. That way am sure not to jinx any of them. And for your information, last years was full of men and women. This year’s has a whole lot more than that.

I have this sudden urge to streak. Something about the whole feeling of being nude, running down somewhere with cold air all over you, exposed to the world makes it sound like a must do, doesn’t it? I mean just picture yourself doing it..looks nice …. he he..


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