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shagz women and babies

I took a short trip to upcountry sometime back. I had missed my grandma and had to see her.
So I enter the homestead and everything looks good, the cows (I love cows by the way), chickens and all.
Then I went to visit my cousins next door and guess what? She is pregnant AGAIN. As in the eldest girl. I thought back. This girl finished school like 2years back and got a good grade. We were just about to pay her college fees when we realized she was pregnant. So, we decided to hold back. That was last year by the way. Later this year, we wanted to pay again because the kid is big now, (he can sit up on his own) but hellloo… she is getting another. Good on her.
I walked down to the other homestead where I have grandma number two who lives with her daughters-in law (read my aunts) and I was met with quite a number of small people all staring at me. Hold on, last I was here, there were four kids. Small ones but by now they should be big, in school. And in front of me there are, one, two…..five tiny ones. Others can barely walk. So I think back, it’s been 3 years since I was last here. How does someone manage to give birth so fast? My aunts are two in number, and together they have managed to bear FIVE kids in 3 years. How is that even possible??

Hmm… where I come from as in am such an urbanite it hurts, women give birth years apart. Let’s count: she gets pregnant in December, and then holds out on sex until she gives birth. Ok, that takes nine months. Then, she will say she has to heal…which will roughly take about 4-5 months. So all this time she is not having any relations. Is it no wonder many husbands/boyfriends tend to cheat especially when their bitter halves are pregnant? I mean common those are like what 13-14 months!! A WHOLE year plus… how???? Even those twenty something people who decide they are taking up “celibacy” don’t last that long. I feel for those men with such halves. Pole.
So as a resolution I went back to my cousin and asked her how she did it. And plus am thinking she gave birth the natural way, and at home… so now how big is she down there as our urbanite men like to enquire.
Sadly though I didn’t get much from her as I was hoping to. But hey I’ve made up my mind, (God help), there is NO WAY my hubby is going for a whole year without sex. Nope, it won’t happen, can’t happen, will never happen. And why am I thinking of him, what about me? A YEAR? Don’t think so…


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