what the head thinks, the hand puts down

picture this….

………. a field, a wide field full of green grass. The healthy type that has been mowed and well trimmed, almost carpet-like but smooth to the touch.

This stretch of green goes all the way to where land meets horizon. That is as far as the eye can see.

Then at that point, meet the sky. Sky blue to its truest. No clouds, none at all. looks crystal blue, almost glassy but not. Looks soo warm and welcoming that you can stretch out to feel it.

further up is the sun. this dazzling ball of white beaming its blinding rays, warm and gentle to the skin. Not too much, not too little. The air is but a gentle breeze. More like a whisper to the grass, a caress to the skin.

And right there. Right there in the midst of all this, stands one, just one of the most beautiful flowers ever seen. they say roses are beautiful but lillies are magnificent. With the wind kissing its leathery white petals, it stands upright, looking up. Partly facing you, part facing the sky and part the carpet green below it.

The air is filled with the sweet scent from the flower. One breathe and the body wishes not to exhale for fear it will never have anything like that again.


Everytime I see you I see all that, the field, the sky, the flower. I inhale the scent and never want to let it go…..



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