what the head thinks, the hand puts down


NB: thoughts expressed here are my own.

have you ever sat down and though about God? most of us have never really taken time. we were brought up knowing he exists. we did Sunday school and it was hammered into us he is actually there.
He has been given all these attributes: he is everywhere, all-seeing and all knowing. we were taught he is compassionate and loving and hates evil. He punishes those who do wrong and rewards those who do right. we have enough examples of this in he Bible, such as Sodom and Gomorrah, wakk of Jerusalem, et all.

Recently i came across a story that really had me thinking. Its one of little 9yr old Jessica who was abducted by her neighbour John who raped her continuously for 3 days, hid her in the closet and finally buried her alive. and i started thinking.
God is everywhere right? so, He was there hen John took Jessica. when he gagged her and tied her to the bed and raped her. He just stood there watching. i was imagining the pain she was going through. at such a young age. then, when he was done, he locked her in the closet. God was there in the closet with her but didn’t do a thing. when the cops began their search, they would pass by Johns house several times. why didn’t God send a signal or something to alert them she was there and still alive? this went on for 3 days and still, God did nothing.
He was there as finally, he put her in a polythene bag and threw her in the shallow grave. He stood watching as John poured heaps of soil to the still living girl. He was in that grave as she pierced holes in the bag trying to breathe. as soil entered her lungs, He was wit her. she died a slow and painful death and was found rotting days later.
now, I ask myself, why did he let that happen? I mean He hates evil and clearly what John did is beyond evil. yet, He did nothing. did He create Jessica for her to undergo such torture?? why would anyone want to do that?? honestly, and yet we are told His love is more than we can handle. is this really love??

going back to the bible, which i find rather confusing at times. we are told to get to heaven, all we need to do is confess and ask for forgiveness. this does not take any time. i mean, anyone can do it even in his deathbed.

on the case of John, yes, he was arrested and given a life sentence. but guess what, just before he died, he had cancer. and i can bet you right there next to his deathbed, was a minister. i can bet the minister told him about Christ and salvation. I can bet John confessed before he died and according to the bible, he will be going to heaven. how fair is that??

do you think its rational? people spend years and years trying to live in the straight and narrow only to come and commit one small sin and that’s it, all your past record is erased. you die and go to hell. yet here are others like Saddam, Hitler, Idi amin who lived their lives doing all sorts of evil yet with a simple confession, they get to enjoy the kingdom of heaven.
this is not right according to normal ration. these people should get what they deserve. but nooo, at the end all the past is erased and what counts is your last action or something of the sort. so am thinking, why should I follow God, I mean, He is all powerful and all come to think of it, is He really fair? why does He not live up to some of those promises or attributes linked to him??

then am also thinking, He says He has the future in his hands. He knows exactly what we will do or where we will end up in life. then, it is also written if we need anything we only need to seek it in prayer. now, since he knows where we will be, does this mean that if he planned for me to be a lawyer, no matter how much I pray, I, will still end up being say a doctor as that’s His will??? so why pray if the answer from the word go is no?? — just a thought


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