what the head thinks, the hand puts down

celebrating womanhood.

so this morning I woke up smiling. I couldn’t figure out why. I was just happy, ahhh quite jolly. I was even dancing and singing in the shower, something i rarely do in the morning. see, I am not a morning person. period. dont even call me up to say good morning. just let me be till around 10am THEN we can talk.
and it hit me, hey am having a mood swing!! nkt!! this reminds me soooo much that I am a woman.

i remember the first day i woke up and realised i have boobs…i refused to get out of my room and stayed in crying, until my mum came and i told her i have a strange growth on my chest. ahh yes, and i recall the first period. years back when i thought i would bleed to death. and i wanted to sit in one spot and not move just incase it pours out and everyone sees it…horror!!!
well, being a woman i enjoy soo much stuff.. lets see if it can be put down

-i have boobs…yey!!! ok. fine. there are man boobs but at least mine are the real thing and it feels great carrying them around.
-I love the way i have feelings and emotions that just erupt at almost any time. there are times i try and control them, but hey, they just dont go down. good thing is, am a woman and i can get away with it. we have a scapegoat- PMS – which we can always count on.
-i love the way i change clothes a million times just because they don’t feel right, or my arse looks too small in this, and i go checking myself out in those shiny windows in the city centre.
-i love the way i can blink slightly and shed a tear or two. that way, i can get that wonderful and expensive pair of shoes that i want. or a trip to that expensive restaurant, or someone to keep me company the whole night, or just about anything i crave for.
– i love the way i can walk around and buy just about anything i want to.. even stuff that doesn’t fit and blame it on the fact that hey, am a woman, shoes and clothes are my weak points.
-i love the way society does not shun me when i cry in public or show my emotions. i can basically get away with anything, like if i shed a tear and there is a man beside me, he gets blamed…hehe
-i love the way i get to love with my all.. have you seen a woman in love?? they will do anything and everything. its good to go through that, you get your heart crushed a million times and move on. especially after the first love (mine still hurts )
-i love the way i can sit,stand, whatever then look and lust at whoever is infront of me. i can replay the wildest kamasutra styles over and over without any one noticing a thing…ahhhh, yeess, oh yeah!! right there honey…..Oh God!……… heck i’ve even had orgasms and after that excused myself to go clean up citing i need to use the ladies. the tighter i put my legs together, the better it feels…sitting with feet together is ladylike isnt it?
-though am not yet there, i love they way one day i will carry a child for nine months and pull my hair off when giving birth, and insult the nurses, and walk around naked in the maternity room (a little streaking hehe).. i cant wait to do that.
-i love the way my mum always takes care of us, even when we are wrong, she will punish and make you laugh all at once……its called power of a woman….

and i can go on and on like an energizer bunny but for now…. let me wallow in the joys. i know the next moodswing is just around the corner….and it is not a happy one

PS: I have been having nightmares for the last week now. what could be wrong?


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