what the head thinks, the hand puts down

not just yet…

It was one of those days….Thirsty Thursdays and well I was doing just that. Quenching my thirst. Then I got a call. It was my boy whom I haven’t seen in ages., and I mean ages. I remember our campus days. when we used to drench ourselves in alcohol. So he was at a club which was playing rock and wanted company. Of course I went over, or rather flew over and there he was. Hmm.. a little chubby and stuff so I had a laugh.
Problem No. 1: NO alcohol on the table. so ofcourse I was like huh?? aren’t we drinking?? he said sure in a really raspy voice. So no time wasting, I ordered,he declined (i was like probably he is already had enough) and we began the catch up.

He told me he was just out of hospital. He’d been there for two weeks. so i ask why? and he says he had suffered a stroke. WTF?? a stroke!!! repeat that again???? how old are you again?? and you had a stroke?? God help me i think my system temporarily shut down.

God forbid, it was true, I thought back and listened to the speech tone more carefully and it was unclear, his hand was twitching and couldn’t walk straight.he had been paralysed on his right side, he said, and had lost his sight and speech for three days.

I felt tears well in my eyes. OUCH!!! reality, that is a painful blow, i almost lost a good friend.

Funny thing is we always take people for granted. i mean i have known him for years but actually i never call to just say hi or check up on him. i couldn’t hide my guilt and from then on, i decided to load up my phone and at least send that “how you doing” message to those i call friends and see them once in a blue moon. who knows, they might have already left and i did not say kwaheri..

well, he is back in hospital and i am soo scared and every night i shed a few tears as i try and negotiate for his life with the Almighty. i cannot stand loosing him…. not him, not today, not now not ever.. God PLEAASEEE.


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