what the head thinks, the hand puts down

a shelter

yeah anyway, its been a looong, loooooooong day. so i sat and decided, hey let me look busy so that boss lady will not give me more work. so I decided to come here and write down my metonymic non-sense. And trust me I look really busy considering I type one letter at a time.

a pre-requisite to the long day was a well, wierd weekend.

I will call it the time arrogant met arrogant. Its nasty.

Well, I have these two friends. Thing is they both just above average in the looks and all depts.

So the girl, being just ok, has recieved soo much attention from men of late that she has forgotten how it is to meet someone who doesnt suck up to her. So she is up there with the clouds, thinks she is all sexy and stuff.

Now, my boy is more or less the same. has had his share of women, and still has a biig following that could make Satan a little jealous. and therefore like 90% of the time, he is indifferent to the female species.

so these two meet. she is batting her eyelids and trying to smile. he just sits there and stares. no emotion on his face. darn!! I look at both and order another drink. This is better than watching those english boys atempt to play soccer on Telly.

An hour passes by, and its no longer dagger eyes, but machete eyes between the two. So the diplomatic me decides to take both out and make sure they go their seperate ways.

One…. two…. five, six steps and it is war. Can’t you two just shut up?? We in the middle of the city and the insults, expletives, et all !!! well, I could learn some from them to say the least. So what do I do when they want to bicker like two little kids arguing about who is better than who… I head right back to the bar, sit next to a window and watch. Ahhh.. this Heineken is a world class beer…………


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